• 1. It is difficult to catch the lesson in an online class. How can CAN-ESL make a difference?
  • 2. Does CAN-ESL provide a recording of classes?
  • 3. Can CAN-ESL guarantee my IELTS score?
  • 4. Why CAN-ESL is so expensive a platform?
  • 5. Does CAN-ESL only provide classes for IELTS?
  • 6. Does CAN-ESL offer online classes only?
  • 7. Can I transfer my class schedule to another session?
  • 8. Does CAN-ESL register for IELTS?
  • 9. How does CAN-ESL take classes for beginners who do not feel comfortable communicating in English?
  • 10. Can I cancel my class and request a refund?
  • 11. What is the mode of payment for class registration? Is there an option for installment?
  • 12. Does CAN-ESL provide class notes and hard books?
  • 13. My English is good, but I didn’t yet achieve the benchmark for my IELTS. Can CAN-ESL help me with that?
  • 14. How flexible is CAN-ESL regarding class time?
  • 15. Does CAN-ESL work with the study permit application?

Even if CAN-ESL offers online classes, its class size is very small (5-10 students in a session) so that each student can have equal attention and utmost care in terms of learning. Furthermore, being a trained IELTS instructor and ESL-certified individual our teacher knows, how to crack a hard nut and make the best result out of each student by engaging everyone in the live and interactive class.

CAN-ESL uses the famous Off2Class platform as its library and classroom. Off2Class doesn’t have permission to record any session or class. However, if requested for any specific class or topic for revision, our teachers would always respond positively and love to help the student in every possible way. It is also wise to mention that, our classes are live and interactive. To hold an enthusiastic and energetic class environment and swipe out the boredom of students we do not offer recorded classes.

CAN-ESL positions all students in 3 different levels based on the placement test during registration. The levels are designed as Beginner (4.5-5.5), Intermediate (6-7), and Advanced (7.5+). We aim for our students to be at that level after the completion of courses.

Initially, our services may look expensive, however, we provide:

  • Customized courses for Each student, based on his/her English level
  • 90 hours of teaching and completes the target of a student within 1.5 months
  • Session in-built mock tests that are completely free of cost
  • Premium care to each of the student as our class size is extremely small
  • Live and interactive class with no recorded lesson
  • ESL-certified Canadian IELTS teacher as a class instructor!

Also, we provide services outside the session and till you sit for your real IELTS without charging extra.

CAN-ESL provides classes for IELTS as well as CELPIP, CAEL, and foundation courses for beginners who want to learn English.

We mostly provide online classes. However, on-demand, offline classes are available only in Saskatoon, Canada (once in every two months). In Bangladesh currently we are only offering online classes.

You can request CAN-ESL to transfer your session to a later date pending approval for a valid reason. If approved, your class is shifted to a later session.

CAN-ESL is a proud partner of the British Council and yes, we do Registration for IELTS tests with British Council only. We value your time; hence you don’t have to worry about all the payment hassle you need to go through during IELTS registration. You will also get consultancy for choosing a comfortable date and time slot as well for your IELTS registration for free.

CAN-ESL has trained IELTS preceptors who work as interpreters for beginner-level of students.

CAN-ESL accepts cancellations and offers up to a full refund of the amount paid depending on the candidate's situation when requesting. The full information can be found in the “Cancellation and Refund Policy" window.

Payment can be done in three ways: Hard cash, Online payment, and Mobile banking. In Bangladesh, we are partnered with SSLCOMMERZ and In Canada our payment partner for online payment services is Stripe. We also allow online payment from MasterCard, Visa Card, etc. for online payment in Canada and Bangladesh.

Yes, there’s an option for installment. You can complete the whole payment in 3 installments, but the payment must be done before your session completes.

CAN-ESL does not provide handbooks and class notes; however, we have our library to share homework with. Also, we recommend books and provide real answer-sheet so that you can practice and have a real-time feeling of taking the IELTS examination.

CAN-ESL helps students to achieve their IELTS benchmark by applying proper strategies. We guarantee improvement for our students, if they attend class regularly, properly do the homework, and follow the expected in-class behavior.

CAN-ESL offers two class schedules: one in the morning and the other in the evening depending on the availability of students. It is wise to mention that the class time can vary, as the entire class is conducted in Canada by Canadian instructors.

CAN-ESL has another wing, named, STUDY CANADA, for processing the study permit application. Any students who take services from CAN-ESL, if wish to study in Canada, they get special offers for their application from our exclusive wing, STUDY CANADA.